Last Wednesday, 7/8/20, was a really good vibe’n day!  
Showed up to a job site to install a vinyl design on an exterior brick wall.  Plan B ensued when the vinyl had a mind of its own and would not stay down on the brick.  So my awesome coworker and I headed to the paint store.  We ended up spending the rest of the day painting, thank goodness it was a simple design, but it was a super hot day!  
Of course, as I was painting, I couldn’t help but think that this would have been one of those days I would be making a phone call on my way home from work.  “Guess what I did today, Daddy!”  
I am extremely grateful that I had this job for about a year and a half before he passed.  It definitely gave us something to talk about. I would call him on my way home from work after doing something cool that I thought he would appreciate.  However, I’m sure when I’d tell him about doing vehicle wraps with vinyl or laying vinyl graphics down on signs...he was thinking, “Well shoot, I used to paint, pinstripe and airbrush vehicles and signs by hand!” 
But he listened to my excitement and I’d send him photos of the projects when I could. 
He was super heavy on my mind that day. 
I got home from work and I walked out to my patio.  I looked down and saw this dragonfly on my plant stand.  No big deal, he was cool. I said “Hi” to him and sat down at my patio table.  He stayed on his perch. I thought okay, I’ll go back inside for my phone, to take some photos, but he’ll be gone when I return.  Nope, he was still there.
So I took a few photos and thought, well...I should really go get my camera.  Okay, he’ll be gone when I get back. Nope, he sat there and modeled for me.
But, I thought, these can’t be that clear, I’ll need my tripod.  Okay, I’ll go get it and for sure, he’ll be gone when I return. Nope! He sat there and patiently waited while I fumbled around trying to attach my camera.  He would tilt his head, fly in a little circle, and land right back in the same spot. Finally I took my last round of shots, trying different settings, and thinking that nothing was going to come out super sharp.  I thought, oh well, its fun!  
The first photo I took on my phone was at 5:08pm. The last photo on my camera was 5:53pm.  He entertained me for 45 minutes.  I’ve never had anything sit that long and patiently for a photo shoot.  I truly believe that Daddy was here to say “Hello”, and that he knew what I did that day. 
I actually did not know until I processed the photos, that he had his dinner during the process.